Cable Recycling

We are probably the only scrap metal merchant in South Wales with its own cable granulation plant, a brand new facility onsite that gives us the opportunity to offer the best price for cable. Our competitors have to sell cable onto granulation companies like ourselves, hence, well never be beaten on price. We can process household wire, armoured, single core, multi core and much, much more.

We have a self-contained cable stripping facility onsite with the latest processing machines. Each year scrap cable contributes significantly to landfill sites and creates long-term environmental issues due to the fact that plastic coatings are not biodegradable.

Our cable granulation system consists of a pre shredder from which material is fed into a granulator via one of our highly skilled staff. The granulated material is then processed by a pulverising mill and is sorted out via an air separator. The results speak for themselves – 99.5% clean copper.